Why Pink?

Pink, why pink, well we can tell you why,

because it is a unique choice for a guy.

For months, the Abouds planned for a little girl,

sweet and lovely and perhaps with a curl.

Pink diapers for daughter “Bailey”, and frilly girl clothes were bought,

but on October 20, 1992, all was for naught.

You see, the baby came with an extra unexpected part,

and the life of Braden began with a wonderful start.

He went home to a pink house, wearing pink diapers and clothes,

everything had been bought for a girl, from head to toes.

As Braden grew, he had an affinity for pink,

and was sometimes teased but responded with a wink.

"It takes a real man to wear pink and feel good",

and ‘B’ wore pink as only he could.

You'll find nowadays that pink shirts are sold out,

Braden's influence has once again affected us, no doubt.

As pink is everywhere, Braden is too,

smile and remember, ‘B’, we love you.