Our Story

The Braden Aboud Memorial Foundation

The Braden Aboud Memorial Foundation was established in 2007, and has been dedicated to improving the health and educational development of the youth of El Paso. Braden’s spirit is the catalyst behind the organizational theme that seeks to promote and sustain physical fitness in our schools and on the playing fields throughout the region.

The continued success of the foundation has drawn widespread awareness to its mission of providing an avenue through sports that will help promote physical fitness, positive self-esteem and lifelong friendships. The annual Braden Aboud Memorial Run/Walk, dubbed as the foundation’s marquee event, seeks to solicit community participation, with all run/race proceeds earmarked for youth related projects and scholarships. This annual event is now one of the largest youth races in the nation.

The B Warm Blanket Drive, although not specifically geared towards youth activities, has become an annual event that seeks to assist those in need of blankets during the winter months. This project was established to honor Braden’s desire to help those with little or no financial means to provide themselves with the basic necessities of life, including a warm blanket. As annual blanket collections increase, the spirit of Braden embraces and wraps itself around many of the less fortunate that live within our community.

The Braden Aboud Great Shoe Giveaway is a newly formed foundation project that awards new shoes to a distinguishable elementary school within the El Paso Independent School District. The recipient school is typically selected because of its economically disadvantaged students situated in neighborhoods burdened with limited financial resources. Working in conjunction with the El Paso Independent School District, the Great Shoe Giveaway seeks to promote physical fitness and character enhancement among the entire student population. All students, regardless of their economic situation, receives a pair of brand name tennis shoes for their participation in the B Fit program.

The foundation proudly sponsors the annual Braden Aboud Memorial Tennis Championship. This event, hosted by the El Paso Country Club, honors Braden’s love of tennis and its participants. Proceeds are utilized to promote the sport of tennis and those players that lack resources to compete at a higher level.

The City of El Paso Afterschool Project has partnered with the Braden Aboud Memorial Foundation in providing financial assistance to underprivileged students attending the program. The 17 designated parks and recreation sites are utilized to provide afterschool care of latchkey kids.

Braden developed a love of sports at an early age, which was instrumental in defining his outgoing and confident personality. His many friendships were formed while playing team sports. Braden pursued sports competitively, but did not compromise the true spirit of sportsmanship. The foundation was further established to ensure that all children, from all walks of life, would have some of the same opportunities Braden enjoyed during his lifetime.